Mad Science Lab

I haven’t had much of a chance to celebrate Halloween this year, which was sad, Halloween is my favorite time of the year.  I haven’t gotten to travel much either, but I have gotten to enjoy a bit of the pretty fall colors.  I will upload some photos of that soon, but in the mean time here is little Halloween fun from our old mad science lab set up.

Spring in the Desert

Even in the extreme heat, spring still shows its colors. I think people forget that spring actually goes well into June, so there is still lots of room to grow!

This blooming cactus was up in the Sedona mountain trails.  I was excited to find a trail with a bit more shade, but the sun shinning on the life around the trails is so breathtakingly beautiful.

After several days of hiking I was really excited to make it to the summit of one of the mountains, so I wanted to break the mold a bit and share this personal accomplishment photo.

It’s A New Year!

It’s a new year, and time for new adventures!  In 2011 I barely even left the state (I think I went down to Ohare airport once).  This year I’m aiming to at least make it to Austin at some point.  Hopefully in 2012 a Wings Eye View can show some of America.  Until then I will celebrate with some burning incense from the temple of SriChang.  These were burning in front of the line of Buddha’s shown in A Buddha A Day.

St Patricks

Outside St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.

This picture was taken on the lawn outside of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.  I’ve had a some requests for more pictures from Ireland so here is you go.  I believe that you just can’t go to Dublin and without visiting this historical and beautiful building, even if it is just to picnic out on the lawn.  When this picture was taken we were actually waiting for the afternoon service to start.  That was a beautiful experience.  While neither of us regularly practice these days, we were raised going to protestant churches.  Seeing a service in an old and beautiful cathedral brought back all the wonder and fascination I felt as a child being in the giant building of our church.  Perhaps because as a grown up the cathedral is more in proportion to feel so giant and magnificent, like the church did too a child.

A word of warning, be careful of your wording when you are in religious places in Ireland, the tension is still a bit high.  I accidentally called the service a mass and got pretty fiercely chewed out by one of the church workers.  Apparently a mass is a Catholic term, and St Patrick’s is Protestant!

Mind’s Garden

The Mind's Garden

This is one of my favorite black and white photos.  The way the lines become almost abstract just moves me.  It’s also one of my entries for a “Dreams” show.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I’m really trying to hold to that resolution this year and try to get my work out into galleries.  And while that isn’t as much about traveling the world it is about traveling through life and following the wings of adventure in another way.

The photo was taken in a temple garden in Northern India.

Reminders of Home

Hollyhocks in a Thai temple garden in India.

When I was India I got so excited to see the tall stalks of hollyhocks growing in the temple garden.  I was surprised at how many flowers I knew from home were in the garden, I never associated India and Wisconsin with climates compatible with the same vegetation.  It really starts the mind thinking on how the plants around us come to be there.  What are truly native and what are the ones that are just so loved that we can’t imagine a garden without them?  Hollyhocks will always remind me of home, especially my Grandma.  Every year when the hollyhocks bloom my Grandma would make me hollyhock dolls, something her mother taught her to do and her mother before her taught her.  When I saw these in India I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone ever figured out how to make hollyhock dolls there too.  I love hollyhock dolls because they remind me of fairies.  Now that they are blooming in my Grandmother’s yard too I can’t resist making one, after all it’s a tradition 🙂


I remember as a child spending hours looking around the grassy playgrounds with my friends hunting the lucky four leaf clover.  Sometimes a friend would claim to find one, whether or not they really did I never could tell.  Sadly I had never found one.  Even sometime as an adult I like to casually look through clover patches when I’m camping thinking that just maybe some day I might be that lucky person.  Though in my mind I always kind of knew I wouldn’t.  When I was in Ireland there were tons of plastic coated four leaf clovers you could buy, but I feel that it is only lucky if you actually find it yourself.

Well I am now officially one of the lucky ones. I finally found my very own four leaf clover.  Whats more suprising is where I found it.  This picture is not from anywhere you might expect.  It’s actually from an ancient ruined university in….India!  My very own lucky clover with an even crazier life than my own.  I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist and I did pick it.  It was carried with me around Asia and back home to Wisconsin.  Sadly I had forgotten it was safely wedged in front of my divers licences one day when I threw my school ID back into my wallet and broke it.  The memory of my lucky one lives on in this photo though!

Let the Adventures Begin

I am not the greatest with words, but in this blog I would like to show my own eye’s view of the world which I see.  I have a love for travel, adventure and people, art and most of all photography.  My first adventure begins with my life in which I am currently living in Bangsaen, Chon Buri, Thailand.  I will be living here in the wonderful heat for three months until returning home to freezing old Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA (which hopefully by May will no longer be covered in snow).  In this blog I hope to post images of my travels and my thoughts on the the things I see, as well as images from past travels and every day life back home in Milwaukee.  Life is an adventure, one which I wish to share with the world.

The Adventurer