Lazy Spring Days in Killiney


This was from a wonderful lazy day spent exploring Killiney, Ireland.  It was windy and a bit overcast, but still wonderful strolling weather.  Only a short train ride from Dublin, I recommend it for anyone visiting Dublin who wants to see some of the countryside.  They have nice little shops for picking up wool and other local goods, as well as a castle you can tour!  It wasn’t so filled with tourists that it was cheesy either, which made taking a walk through town even more enjoyable.

Trail of Magic

Magic Trail

I love paths look like they could lead to a magicalplace.  I think it’s my refusal to accept that magic isn’t possible, or maybe just my overactive imagination.  This particular magical trail was in Kilkenny, Ireland.  The door at the end almost blew my mind with the possibilities of other realms it could lead too.  Ireland is suppose to be a magical little island after all isn’t it?

St Patricks

Outside St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.

This picture was taken on the lawn outside of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.  I’ve had a some requests for more pictures from Ireland so here is you go.  I believe that you just can’t go to Dublin and without visiting this historical and beautiful building, even if it is just to picnic out on the lawn.  When this picture was taken we were actually waiting for the afternoon service to start.  That was a beautiful experience.  While neither of us regularly practice these days, we were raised going to protestant churches.  Seeing a service in an old and beautiful cathedral brought back all the wonder and fascination I felt as a child being in the giant building of our church.  Perhaps because as a grown up the cathedral is more in proportion to feel so giant and magnificent, like the church did too a child.

A word of warning, be careful of your wording when you are in religious places in Ireland, the tension is still a bit high.  I accidentally called the service a mass and got pretty fiercely chewed out by one of the church workers.  Apparently a mass is a Catholic term, and St Patrick’s is Protestant!


Killiney Folly

This is one of my favorite images from Ireland.  Which is only natural since our trip to Killiney was one of my favorite experiences on our trip.  It was such an exciting and romantic adventure, hiking up the hill through a beautiful and quaint village surrounded by mansions.  This image captured how I was feeling that day.  It also always makes gives me a feeling of power.  The folly is on the top of a very huge hill and adds the the power the biker must have had.  Viewing this image always makes me feel a desire to be stronger and keep pushing forward.

Dirty Ole Town

I recently reconnected with my flickr account.  I never really did understand what the big deal was about it, I’ve always preferred to use deviant art myself.  Anyways, I smiled when I saw some of my photos from Ireland up on it.  Oh the dirty ole town where I’d love to reside.  Dublin was one of those ideal locations.  Even with the failed economy I’d still love to live there.  On our trip to Dublin in 2009 I was still playing around a lot with the HDR setting on my old Pentax D200 (I miss it so), you can tell I was still learning the effects of it.  If you look past the graininess and the halos though I think this image really captures the dreay beauty of Dublin streets.