Reminders of Home

Hollyhocks in a Thai temple garden in India.

When I was India I got so excited to see the tall stalks of hollyhocks growing in the temple garden.  I was surprised at how many flowers I knew from home were in the garden, I never associated India and Wisconsin with climates compatible with the same vegetation.  It really starts the mind thinking on how the plants around us come to be there.  What are truly native and what are the ones that are just so loved that we can’t imagine a garden without them?  Hollyhocks will always remind me of home, especially my Grandma.  Every year when the hollyhocks bloom my Grandma would make me hollyhock dolls, something her mother taught her to do and her mother before her taught her.  When I saw these in India I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone ever figured out how to make hollyhock dolls there too.  I love hollyhock dolls because they remind me of fairies.  Now that they are blooming in my Grandmother’s yard too I can’t resist making one, after all it’s a tradition 🙂

All The Way Back Where I Belong

It’s been over a month since my last post and I apologize for that.  I had to prepare to leave Thailand, just in time before the riots got very bad.  Spent a week in Tokyo on my route home, then at last back in Wisconsin.  Right after returning home I not only spent my time settling back into life in the Dairy State, but also moving into my knew apartment with that wonderful companion in travels and crime of mine.  This was a big move for me, probably even bigger than moving to Thailand.  For the first time every I am sharing my space with someone seriously.  That and I am readjusting to a completely new city, an hour away from that social life I was so eager to return to.  It’s working out pretty well though, an decrease in my normal social life puts me more at a normal level and allows for getting things done.

A few of Brady Street in the evening from my favorite outdoor spot.

I truly am glad to be home though.  And home to me is and always will be my little coffee house, nestled in the heart of one of the trendy streets in Milwaukee.  Delicious coffee in an atmosphere I feel perfect in, what more could one ask for.  It’s good to be home!

An amazing tea selection and a warm atmosphere, what more could a girl ask for?

River Houses

Houses built on the river in Bangkok.

There are a lot of houses built right on the river.  If you aren’t on land the country can’t charge you money, so it’s tax free housing.  It is also the traditional way of building houses.  People would build around the rivers and canals because it’s easy to travel and grow.  The land would be flat and wet so that they could easily walk or boat to their destinations.  Personally I feel these homes have a simplistic beauty to them even though they are built up like shacks.  I imagine the tin roofs must get very hot though in the humid heat of the summer.