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Oh Beautiful MeI am a freelance photographer with my primary interests being travel and culture.  I am in process of applying for graduate studies in the field of Visual Anthropology so that I can bring my love of photography and culture together in an even stronger form.

I am in my late 20s and currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  While it is a nice and fairly affordable place to live I have learned through the years that the harsh winters are not for the Texas born babe.  I am currently tied down by my steampunk loving computer savvy boyfriend/partner in crime, and my dainty broken eared cat.

My strongest goal in life is to travel the world.  In recent years I have been trying to achieve that as much as possible.  In 2008 I went on extended weekends to Phoenix, Arizona and New York City.  In 2009 I spent a week in Dublin, Ireland.  In 2010 I spent three months living in BangSaen Thailand where my father teaches at Burhapa University.  During that time we went on a trip to India & Nepal following the footsteps of Buddha.  At the end of my trip I took a one week layover in Tokyo before heading back to the states.  For 2011 my goal is to do some stateside traveling, I’d like to hit up either Austin or Seattle as those are two places in the running for a new home.

If you would like to see more of my work please feel free to visit the following sites:




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