Enter the Dragon

The dragon snuck up on my this year.  I knew the new year was coming but then it came and before I knew it we were in the dragon’s belly.

The above picture is from the temple in Sri Racha, ChonBuri, Thailand, the same temple that the Sea Turtles are from.  We went there while the classes were on leave for Chinese New Years.  Many of my fathers students went back to China to spend the holiday with their families.  It was a bit lonely for me because of that, but when they came back they brought presents, like chocolate!

In BangSaen it was pretty quite, but they did hang the iconic red lanterns down the main straight outside the campus.   I hope this year is just as nice of a New Year for everyone!  Welcome year of the Dragon!

IT Square

IT Square

Up until last week pretty much the only thing I had seen of Bangkok was IT Square.  It’s a big mall with lots of computer and techy stuff.  Malls are the big thing over here.  After work or school the big thing is to go to the mall.  They have a lot more vendors outside of the stores than American malls, but otherwise are pretty similar.  They are more crowded as well though and cluttered, I prefer my malls with more order to them.  Every town wants a mall these days.  Malls and super stores are how they mark their highway exits even.  It’s all about consumerism in modern Thailand, I think they might even give the 80s youth a run for their money.

Materialism rules all.

Uses for Porches

As I mentioned before housing in Thailand is changing into condos everywhere. One nice thing about the condos at least is that they pretty much all have porches. This is largely because you need them to allow the air to really flow through to cool the homes, not that it does to much. But also people don’t really have dryers to often, really washing machines are still a rather new things for every household. As a result the porches are really important for drying clothes.

Porches are for drying clothes.