Mt Hakone

While visiting Tokyo we had to take a side trip to Mt Hakone.  The last bit of the journey up the mountain you take in an aerial gondola and get to look straight down onto the mines.  I never imaged that sulfur mines would look so cool.   It’s truly an amazing site.  I think it may have even been a more amazing view than the view from the top, Mt Fuji.

Okay, I guess that was a pretty amazing site too!

Shrine Side Trip

A shrine in Hokane, Japan

While on our trip to Hokane to view Mt Fuji we spotted this shrine next to one of the train stops.  We couldn’t resist getting off to explore on our way home.  It was a bit scary getting off the train, not knowing when the last train went by or where exactly we even were on the mountain side.  The shrine was fascinating.  It was so different from the shrines in Thailand, though I saw some similar themes.  The sun was setting and the woods around the area was getting quite dark, giving the whole area a mystical feel.  It made me wonder if some of the demons and spirits always seen in occult animme were watching from trees.

At Home in Tokyo

A view of our hotel and the Ferris wheel, Japanese style!

At the DesignFesta a lot of photographers seemed to be very into the over saturated color.  It can be very fun so I kind of understand, in fact I wanted to try it too.  This is actually a photo of our hotel from the Tokyo Big Site terrace.  The giant building that looks like an upside down U was our building, the Hotel Tokyo Trusty Bayside.  It was a nice little place, we were on the third floor and it was very fancy.  It was also a great location.  As you can see from the picture we were only a short ways from Tokyo Big Site and the giant Ferris Wheel.  The last thing we did in Tokyo was ride on the Ferris wheel, but like the Big Site it was another prominent marker of home for us.

Tokyo Big Site

Tokyo Big Site standing prominently unique.

As luck would have it my stay in Japan perfectly overlapped with a large arts fair in Tokyo called DesignFesta.  This took place in the large convention center called Tokyo Big Site.  Since the Big Site was only a block from the Hotel we were staying at Sean and I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.  The event was amazing but so was the Tokyo Big Site itself.  The design of the building is just so fun and unique, like many of the buildings in Tokyo seemed to be.  There was also a very fun sculpture in front of it, a giant saw.  Seeing as the land that the Big Site is built on is all part of the man-made island built to extend Tokyo I found it entertaining that they would have a giant saw cutting into the earth.  The Big Site was also the train station we used every day to get home so the Big Site and the Big Saw soon became landmarks of home base.

Tokyo Big Saw