Monkeys Make Me Happy

Yes it’s another monkey picture.  What can I say monkey’s make me happy, and in these hard economic times couldn’t we all use a little bit more monkey?  This in another shoot from the temple ruins in Northern India.  I gave it a little bit a aged treatment to really bring out that orange color of the bricks which will forever be the color of  India to me after my visit.



I remember as a child spending hours looking around the grassy playgrounds with my friends hunting the lucky four leaf clover.  Sometimes a friend would claim to find one, whether or not they really did I never could tell.  Sadly I had never found one.  Even sometime as an adult I like to casually look through clover patches when I’m camping thinking that just maybe some day I might be that lucky person.  Though in my mind I always kind of knew I wouldn’t.  When I was in Ireland there were tons of plastic coated four leaf clovers you could buy, but I feel that it is only lucky if you actually find it yourself.

Well I am now officially one of the lucky ones. I finally found my very own four leaf clover.  Whats more suprising is where I found it.  This picture is not from anywhere you might expect.  It’s actually from an ancient ruined university in….India!  My very own lucky clover with an even crazier life than my own.  I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist and I did pick it.  It was carried with me around Asia and back home to Wisconsin.  Sadly I had forgotten it was safely wedged in front of my divers licences one day when I threw my school ID back into my wallet and broke it.  The memory of my lucky one lives on in this photo though!

Forbidden Pillars

Unused Highway

Modern ruins of the untouchable highway.

Once upon a time in Bangkok there was to be a new highway. They plotted out a path and built pillars. Then the company building them went bankrupt. The construction was ceased. Legend states that there is a legal issue that that has kept anyone else from building on the land already constructed on. As a result the new highway was eventually built by another company just a few feet away from the ruins.

Untouchable and Unused

The untouchable and unused within site of the new. The foreground pillar is for the new functioning highway.

I really don’t know to much about the new old highway, people don’t really seem to have many answers.  I’m not sure if that is because they honestly don’t know or just don’t want to discuss it.  If I find out any more I will update.

more ruins

forgotten left standing