Temple Statue

A statue in front of a Buddhist Temple in ChonBuri.

We found this temple in ChonBuri behind the reception hall for wedding we attended. It’s interesting how the Buddhist population has so many statues of other gods. There are so many different variations that none of the Thai’s even seem to know who all of the gods are. I think it really shows the Hindu roots of Buddhism. It reminds me a bit of how Christianity just absorbed the traditions of regions they would conquer. The way religions spread and assimilate is a very fascinating subject in my opinion. The statue was beautifully lit though and the candles added to the majestic feel of it.

A flickering candle lit to honor the god whose statue is in front of the temple.

Chicken & Pork

Chicken being sold at a Thai Market in Bangsaen.

They don’t cheat you out of your money in Thailand the way they do in America, if you pay for a “whole chicken” you actually get the WHOLE chicken. I never really thought it would be possible for me to get use to walking past dead animal heads, but it’s just everywhere in the markets. Okay I’m still a bit squeamish when it comes to seeing pig body parts so openly displayed. A born butcher I am not. These sites are not just at the markets, but the street vendors also display the meat proudly. When I came here I expected I would eat almost purely vegetarian seeing how picky I am about how my meat is prepared and when I get home I will be living with a vegetarian anyways. That has certainly become the case, really they just don’t have beef around here and that is my main meat of choice. I eagerly wait for when I get home and have a delicious Wisconsin burger…well done and not having sat out in the sun for several

Pork for sale in a Thai market in Bangsaen.

Water Plants

A potted Lotus in Thailand.

I thought I’d put up some water flowers in honor of the start of the rainy season.  Seeing as the Songkron festivities seemed to have been a successful rain dance and it is coming down for real now.  Thailand has some beautiful flowers.  These plants are particularly popular in large pots in front of business and restaurants.  While the lilies are very stunning I have to admit that sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by Widows desktops.

A potted water lily in Thailand.

River Houses

Houses built on the river in Bangkok.

There are a lot of houses built right on the river.  If you aren’t on land the country can’t charge you money, so it’s tax free housing.  It is also the traditional way of building houses.  People would build around the rivers and canals because it’s easy to travel and grow.  The land would be flat and wet so that they could easily walk or boat to their destinations.  Personally I feel these homes have a simplistic beauty to them even though they are built up like shacks.  I imagine the tin roofs must get very hot though in the humid heat of the summer.

Forest Monk

Forest Monk Statue in India

This statue was at the Thai Temple in India. Dad explained that it was a statue depicting the forest monks, who use to go out to the woods to meditate and only came down for food. He wasn’t really too sure on that though, and again I didn’t find anyone else who felt like telling me about it. Either way it was a neat statue, and it must have been important for some reason since it was being honored. I’ll update the post if I get more information on him.