Mad Science Lab

I haven’t had much of a chance to celebrate Halloween this year, which was sad, Halloween is my favorite time of the year.  I haven’t gotten to travel much either, but I have gotten to enjoy a bit of the pretty fall colors.  I will upload some photos of that soon, but in the mean time here is little Halloween fun from our old mad science lab set up.

Together We Pray

Together We Pray

This photo from my old collection is probably one of my favorite for inspiring hope. In light of Sunday’s tragedy at the Sikh temple I think we could all use a little hope. This image is from the Buddhist Stuppa in Sedona, Arizona, the items or all offerings different visitors, the uniqueness showing the diversity in prayer. While I don’t believe in Buddhism like my father, or Christianity like my mother, I recognize the good in both of them. I thought it was scary enough when Columbine in the City where my Uncle lived. My cousins new people who were there. That hit close to home, this weekends Temple attack in my own hometown, the city next to my current home, that is, disorientating. I never imagined that the world would ever know where my hometown is. Hearing the boring town you group in mentioned on BBC world news is scary. When we went to Batman last week I commented that it’s good we live in nowhere instead of a big city, we don’t have to worry about scary terrorist attacks, and then this happens. It might be a hate crime, but it’s still a terrorist attack, hateful killing of American Citizens. And As someone who loves to study and absorb different cultures I just do not understand the hate. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, and to those who will have to live with the scars caused by a monster. I pray for a world with more peace and cultural understanding.

The 4th in Greendale Wisconsin Part 2

ImageA bit delayed, but here are the rest of the images from our wonderful 4th of July Celebration.  It’s hard to believe the summer is more than half over.  While these images are only from a few weeks ago they seem like forever ago.  Good times in the sun really to fly by fast.  Soon it will be chilly and cold once more.  Best to enjoy summer while we can and make the most out of ever sunny day.

Image One of the best things about summer is seeing all the cool classic cars out on the road.

And of course it’s just not summer with out some delicious roasted corn!

The 4th in Greendale Wisconsin Part 1

This year my partner and I decided to stay in our own little town, which we have completely fallen in love with these past two years, for the fourth of July celebrations.  It was quite enjoyable.


We have a lovely little downtown area on the main street (Broad Street) and that is where we of course went to see the parade.


One of my favorite parts was seeing all the children with their decorated bike and wagons.  I will always remember when I won first prize for my decorated doll buggy as a small child.  For those who aren’t familiar with the practice, some places have competitions for children to decorate their bikes, wagons and doll strollers for the fourth, which generally means a lot of crepe paper streamers and little flags.It was smaller than the one of our neighboring suburbs which we have always attended in the past, but it was still a fun time.


I have to say I also loved seeing the marching band.  While being a fraction of the size of my high school marching band it still filled me with joyous memories.

My First Roller Derby

This weekend my friend took me to Brewhaha, a roller derby tournament, for my birthday.  I’ve wanted to see a match for a long time and I have to say I was not disappointed.  It took a while to figure out what was going on, but my friend was a great teacher.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the match where Baltimore beat Chicago.  As a Milwaukee girl I cheer for anyone to beat Chicago, hehe.

Spring in the Desert

Even in the extreme heat, spring still shows its colors. I think people forget that spring actually goes well into June, so there is still lots of room to grow!

This blooming cactus was up in the Sedona mountain trails.  I was excited to find a trail with a bit more shade, but the sun shinning on the life around the trails is so breathtakingly beautiful.

After several days of hiking I was really excited to make it to the summit of one of the mountains, so I wanted to break the mold a bit and share this personal accomplishment photo.

Greetings from Sedona

Well technically I am writing this from Phoenix because I was having internet issues in Sedona, I will be back up there later tonight for some more shooting tomorrow.  Hiking up in the Sedona is an amazing experience, through make sure you bring a lot of water, there isn’t much shade along the way.  The views are just breathe taking though.  As you walk around the mountains the rocks will show you different shapes just like clouds do.  I love the beauty of the desert, even if your not a huge fan of heat it’s still a breath taking thing to see that is unlike any other mountains.

A Long Awaited Escape

I still love the aerial shoots. There was a flood of fog pouring through the mountains, it reminded me of a background from a Rococo era painting.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  I did get to spend three months living the dream exploring Asia, but it has been two years since I last got out of Wisconsin (Chicago excluded, they are too close to count as travel).  This year everything worked out perfectly for me to get out to Arizona to visit my Grandfather in Sedona, and my brother in Phoenix.  I just arrived in Phoenix and I already feel a great pressure lifting off my shoulders.  I was not meant to be a stationary person, I’m hyped and ready to explore.  Not to mention this Texas baby feels perfectly at home in the desert.

First stop in any new town…a Coffee House!

I’m writing this from a coffeehouse with a garage door entrance.  I think that is a super trendy fun way to make a building (also incredibly popular in Thailand).  In Milwaukee we only have those at a very small number of bars, and they aren’t actually open that often…stupid cold.

A sense of how Phoenix is more trendy compared to Milwaukee’s bohemian feel.

Lazy Spring Days in Killiney


This was from a wonderful lazy day spent exploring Killiney, Ireland.  It was windy and a bit overcast, but still wonderful strolling weather.  Only a short train ride from Dublin, I recommend it for anyone visiting Dublin who wants to see some of the countryside.  They have nice little shops for picking up wool and other local goods, as well as a castle you can tour!  It wasn’t so filled with tourists that it was cheesy either, which made taking a walk through town even more enjoyable.

Trail of Magic

Magic Trail

I love paths look like they could lead to a magicalplace.  I think it’s my refusal to accept that magic isn’t possible, or maybe just my overactive imagination.  This particular magical trail was in Kilkenny, Ireland.  The door at the end almost blew my mind with the possibilities of other realms it could lead too.  Ireland is suppose to be a magical little island after all isn’t it?