Together We Pray

Together We Pray

This photo from my old collection is probably one of my favorite for inspiring hope. In light of Sunday’s tragedy at the Sikh temple I think we could all use a little hope. This image is from the Buddhist Stuppa in Sedona, Arizona, the items or all offerings different visitors, the uniqueness showing the diversity in prayer. While I don’t believe in Buddhism like my father, or Christianity like my mother, I recognize the good in both of them. I thought it was scary enough when Columbine in the City where my Uncle lived. My cousins new people who were there. That hit close to home, this weekends Temple attack in my own hometown, the city next to my current home, that is, disorientating. I never imagined that the world would ever know where my hometown is. Hearing the boring town you group in mentioned on BBC world news is scary. When we went to Batman last week I commented that it’s good we live in nowhere instead of a big city, we don’t have to worry about scary terrorist attacks, and then this happens. It might be a hate crime, but it’s still a terrorist attack, hateful killing of American Citizens. And As someone who loves to study and absorb different cultures I just do not understand the hate. My heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones, and to those who will have to live with the scars caused by a monster. I pray for a world with more peace and cultural understanding.

My First Roller Derby

This weekend my friend took me to Brewhaha, a roller derby tournament, for my birthday.  I’ve wanted to see a match for a long time and I have to say I was not disappointed.  It took a while to figure out what was going on, but my friend was a great teacher.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the match where Baltimore beat Chicago.  As a Milwaukee girl I cheer for anyone to beat Chicago, hehe.

Lions & Tigers & Orangutans Oh My!

Life has sure been busy here in Milwaukee, but these day’s I feel a lot like the tiger in this image from the Milwaukee County Zoo, on the prowl for adventure.  In these incredibly tight financial times being able to go zipping around the world is a bit unrealistic.  Yet there are still new adventures to be had here in Wisconsin.  I recently took a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo, just a few minutes from my house.  For seeming like such a small town most of the time Milwaukee really does have all the big metropolis features.  The Milwaukee Zoo easily has as much variety as the giant zoo I went to in Thailand.  And even though I worked there for years, I always manage to find new surprises when I go.  Like last time when I learned that seals actually have toenails!

Now I have to plan another trip to the Zoo this fall.  On July 24th, three adorable lion cubs were born!  You can see them at the Milwaukee County Zoo website or by watching a video of them with their mother on YouTube.  We’ve already been lucky enough to enjoy the a youthful bundle of joy in Mahal, the young orangutan sent to our zoo after his mother rejected him, and adopted by our adult female orangutan.  And now we will be getting even more baby fun!


All The Way Back Where I Belong

It’s been over a month since my last post and I apologize for that.  I had to prepare to leave Thailand, just in time before the riots got very bad.  Spent a week in Tokyo on my route home, then at last back in Wisconsin.  Right after returning home I not only spent my time settling back into life in the Dairy State, but also moving into my knew apartment with that wonderful companion in travels and crime of mine.  This was a big move for me, probably even bigger than moving to Thailand.  For the first time every I am sharing my space with someone seriously.  That and I am readjusting to a completely new city, an hour away from that social life I was so eager to return to.  It’s working out pretty well though, an decrease in my normal social life puts me more at a normal level and allows for getting things done.

A few of Brady Street in the evening from my favorite outdoor spot.

I truly am glad to be home though.  And home to me is and always will be my little coffee house, nestled in the heart of one of the trendy streets in Milwaukee.  Delicious coffee in an atmosphere I feel perfect in, what more could one ask for.  It’s good to be home!

An amazing tea selection and a warm atmosphere, what more could a girl ask for?