Greetings from Sedona

Well technically I am writing this from Phoenix because I was having internet issues in Sedona, I will be back up there later tonight for some more shooting tomorrow.  Hiking up in the Sedona is an amazing experience, through make sure you bring a lot of water, there isn’t much shade along the way.  The views are just breathe taking though.  As you walk around the mountains the rocks will show you different shapes just like clouds do.  I love the beauty of the desert, even if your not a huge fan of heat it’s still a breath taking thing to see that is unlike any other mountains.

A Long Awaited Escape

I still love the aerial shoots. There was a flood of fog pouring through the mountains, it reminded me of a background from a Rococo era painting.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  I did get to spend three months living the dream exploring Asia, but it has been two years since I last got out of Wisconsin (Chicago excluded, they are too close to count as travel).  This year everything worked out perfectly for me to get out to Arizona to visit my Grandfather in Sedona, and my brother in Phoenix.  I just arrived in Phoenix and I already feel a great pressure lifting off my shoulders.  I was not meant to be a stationary person, I’m hyped and ready to explore.  Not to mention this Texas baby feels perfectly at home in the desert.

First stop in any new town…a Coffee House!

I’m writing this from a coffeehouse with a garage door entrance.  I think that is a super trendy fun way to make a building (also incredibly popular in Thailand).  In Milwaukee we only have those at a very small number of bars, and they aren’t actually open that often…stupid cold.

A sense of how Phoenix is more trendy compared to Milwaukee’s bohemian feel.