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The 4th in Greendale Wisconsin Part 1

This year my partner and I decided to stay in our own little town, which we have completely fallen in love with these past two years, for the fourth of July celebrations.  It was quite enjoyable.


We have a lovely little downtown area on the main street (Broad Street) and that is where we of course went to see the parade.


One of my favorite parts was seeing all the children with their decorated bike and wagons.  I will always remember when I won first prize for my decorated doll buggy as a small child.  For those who aren’t familiar with the practice, some places have competitions for children to decorate their bikes, wagons and doll strollers for the fourth, which generally means a lot of crepe paper streamers and little flags.It was smaller than the one of our neighboring suburbs which we have always attended in the past, but it was still a fun time.


I have to say I also loved seeing the marching band.  While being a fraction of the size of my high school marching band it still filled me with joyous memories.

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