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The wings are just little nubs in the baby form.

I fell in love with these adorable little Pyrrhocoridaes that were around the Temple in Kanchantaburi.  What can I say I guess a part of me will always be that ten twelve year old girl who wanted to be an entomologist when she grows up.  That and bugs are some of the greatest models for the Macro lens.

In the adult form the wings have grown out.

My dad had told me their common name at the time I was taking the pictures, but I can’t remember it, nor can I seem to find an accurate source anywhere on the web.  I did find a lot of other big creepy bugs of Thailand though.  I thought this was a fun site to browse the gallery of http://www.thaibugs.com/.  I can tell you one creepy crawler you will never see a picture of on here though is the centipede.  Uck!  They were so humongous and creepy over there, one that we saw was almost a foot long!  So gross, those are right up there with earwigs in the bugs I can do without category.

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